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breaking free from dissociative identity disorder with a superstar athlete

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After the second world war, the league instituted a nfl authentic jerseys new rule that allowed players to be substituted between plays. This is how teams were allowed to send separate 11 man defensive and offensive units onto the field. In 1946, the All American Football Conference was created to compete with the National Football League. 
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As Titans, the Jets played their home games at New York's Polo Grounds up to 1963. Werblin and Hess decided to relocate to the Shea Stadium, and the New York Jets made their home there for 20 seasons, from 1964 to 1983. During this time, the Stadium hosted three playoff games involving the Jets: the 1968 AFL Championship - beating the Oakland Raiders, 27-23; a 1969 AFL Divisional playoff - losing 13-6 to the Kansas City Chiefs; and the 1981 AFC Wild Card Playoff - losing 31-27 to the Buffalo Bills..